michala kramer

Hi there,

My name is Michala and I'm based in Copenhagen. I started my food blog Micadeli in 2016. I have a diploma in Business Studies. I worked with digital content and email marketing for a big danish newspaper for 6 years - but have been working with recipes and photography for a few years now.

My dream have always been to travel a lot, escape the rat race, and not sit behind a desk until I am 67.  I always think there is a way to get the rewards for a life of hard work without waiting until the end. So in 2019 I decided to only work part time – to travel more, make more recipes and work more with food photography for companies and magazines.

I clearly remember how difficult it was in the beginning. Making food look good on photos and to shoot travel photos as well. I made all the mistakes back then. But then I found out that photography is not about mistakes – but creativity. The best photos is usually not the stuff you plan out. Just do it your own way and go with it – the best shots comes totally in the moment. And when I see something which has this feeling I'm always ready to snap a photo.

» Contact me here: info@micadeli.com
» Instagram: @micadeli_